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DeHoff & DeHoff is uniquely qualified to be your partner.

DeHoff & DeHoff creates unique resources for the business community and individuals

"Many businesses are unaware of strategies that can save them money or improve their future prospects," Managing Partner Ed DeHoff notes. "Our professional knowledge helps improve their business results, and adding this distinctive expertise in the Corporate Tax Planning & Preparation, along with Cost Reduction ideas and suggestions and the multi-state and local tax planning area rounds out our ability to serve our clients in a consulting role."

The professionals who form DeHoff & DeHoff have many years of experience at local and regional CPA Firms and at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Coopers & Lybrand). Each brings a specific area of expertise to the table, forming a cohesive whole that helps clients with strategies and plans.

"What's different about us is that we aren't just geared toward saving you money at the end of the year," Ed DeHoff said. "Rather, we are here to play a daily role in our client's business lives. We will provide you with the basic accounting services, but then we're going to take those extra steps. We'll look at your goals, look at where you want to be in 5, 10 years, and help you plan and structure your business accordingly. We are very excited about the possibilities in this enhanced role."

Ed DeHoff focuses on Business Tax Planning & Preparation - including Corporate and Partnership Tax Planning & Compliance, Multi-Entity Tax Planning, Multi-State income tax planning and compliance, General Business Consulting, and due diligence issues. Ed also plays a role similar to that of a Chief Financial Officer for DeHoff & DeHoff's larger business clients. "By playing an active role in our larger clients' businesses, we can insure the success of their business and help change their business operations to match their level of activity and the current business economical conditions that exist. "Business owners consider Ed and D&D staff "a key part of our management team." Ed can be reached via email at eld@dndcpa.com.

Tom DeHoff concentrates in general financial planning and investment review for DeHoff & DeHoff's individual clients. Whether saving for retirement or a child's education, or investing to meet other financial goals, Tom can help. Tom helps structure investments to achieve the maximum return with no more risk than you want, and will review your program regularly. Tom also assists individual clients with overall tax planning, tax reduction ideas, and individual and business tax preparation. Tom may be reached at tkd@dndcpa.com.

Clyde DeHoff (Member of Counsel) brings over thirty-five years of experience in the contractor arena and concentrates on providing various services to Government Contractors. Clyde has over twenty-five years experience with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) - serving as a Regional Audit Manager. Before joining DeHoff & DeHoff, Clyde had ten years with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Coppers & Lybrand). Clyde concentrates in providing Innovative Solutions in Government Contracting. With government contractors facing unique challenges, DeHoff & DeHoff offers industry specific management consulting and specialized accounting services to meet these growing demands. Clyde's hands-on experience in the government contracts industry allows us to function as key advisors to our clients including those in General Contracting. Clyde has committed his career specifically to the government contracts industry, which with his unique capabilities, enables us to quickly gain the kind of in-depth understanding of your particular business needs to best serve your company's objectives. As such, DeHoff & DeHoff distinguishes itself from other accounting firms as specialized experts specializing in solving the real problems of government and general contractors. Clyde can be reached at csd@dndcpa.com.


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