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Web Resources

DeHoff & Dehoff, PC is your connection to the business and financial world within the Internet community. The following links will take you to sources for the latest important financial, government and tax information. A brief explanation of the site follows each link.

Business & Finance  | Federal Government | Global Economic

Legal |  Organizations and Societies| Regional Government

Business & Finance

    Accountant's Home Page - AHP  is a launching point for CPA or other accountants searching for Internet resources.  It is not a list of CPA firms or an advertising vehicle.

    AccountingNet - listing of Internet resources pertaining to accounting. 

        Payroll Calculators
             1) Paycheck Calculator - This tool does all the gross-to-net calculations to estimate take-home (net) pay in any part of the US.
             2) Gross-Up Calculator - Estimates gross wages before taxes and deductions are withheld given a specific take-home pay amount.
             3) Hourly Paycheck Calculator - Estimates take home pay based on up to six different pay rates.

    AuditNet: Internet Resources for Auditors - This is the most inclusive audit resource area I have found on the Net. This site has links to every thing and every source an auditor may need. If you are in an auditing practice, put this on your Hot Site List.

    AuditNet Resource List - listing of Internet resources pertaining to auditing. 

    Barchart.com - Online financial quotes, charts and technical analysis for stocks and bonds.

    Bigcharts.com - An investment charting & Research site.

    Business Cycle Indicators - tracks and predicts US business activity

    Guide to Funding Your Business - a listing of ways business owners can get the funding they need for success.

    The Competitive Intelligence Guide - provides links to many other Internet sources.

    Dun & Bradstreet Online Access - provides "business background reports" on more than 10 million public and private companies for $20.00 per report.

    FinanceHub - selected links to venture capital firms, banks and other financing resources.

    FinanceNet - join together with thousands of other accountants, auditors and financial managers to share information and ideas for improving financial management throughout all levels of government.

    Governmental Accounting Standards Board -  Government Accounting standards setting body.

    Hoover's Online - financial statement information on almost 2,500 public companies.

    Kent Information Services, Inc.  - This is an organization that publishes the CPA's Internet Reference Guide and holds related CPE classes for CPA's learning to use the Internet.

    M&A Marketplace - national listing of companies for sale. Buyers and sellers can post listings free of charge. Members have access to all listings and contact information.

    Small Business Administration - information about starting and financing a business and about the SBA's programs.

    Tax Analysts - Tax info of all sorts.

    Tax Resource Group - The Tax Resource Group provides free access to tax research materials for tax professionals

    The Free Stock Market CD -Scan the entire NYSE, NASDAQ & AMEX for stocks that fit your investing style ...literally in seconds.

    The Syndicate - This site has over 1,000 links to finance related sites on the Web

    Digital.com - This site reviews tools all small businesses need and publish a library of content to help small business owners make the most of the Internet.

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Federal Government

    Internal Revenue Service - IRS tax information, including forms and publications.

    FedWorld Information Network - U.S. government information, including IRS tax forms.

    U.S. Tax Court - U.S. Includes information about the Tax Court and opinions issued since January 1, 1999.

    Thomas Legislative Information - Congressional activity, including bill summaries and status.

    Tax Web - Includes federal and state tax forms and linkage to each state's Department of Revenue

    Bureau of Labor Statistics - This site has down-loadable detailed statistics that every valuation accountant should have access to for comparisons with company statistics.

    The Department of the Treasury - Learn more about how this government institution functions and what is being done to protect the monetary system in the United States.

    EDGAR - The SEC web site provides free electronic access to filings by public companies.

    Fedstats - Provides access to the full range of statistics and information produced by 70 agencies for public use.

    Federal Reserve - Read up on the latest activity of the Reserve including committee information, testimony and speeces, press releases, research, regulation and supervision, reports and publications.

    FedWorld Home Page - FedWorld is a great starting point for any search of available Federal information. There are links here to many, if not all, other Federal sites on the Web.

    Government Accounting Office - Investigative arm of the Congress. The GAO performs audits and evaluations of Government programs and activities.

    The Internal Revenue Service - Tap into the latest tips and services the IRS offers.

    IRS Forms and Publications - Obtain copies of current IRS forms and learn more about what the IRS does through a complete library of IRS publications.

    Mr. Smith E-Mails Washington - An easy way to send e-mail directly to members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, as well as Vice President Al Gore and President Bill Clinton.

    The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) - Features background about the SEC, as well as current issues affecting trade.

    Thomas - links to the full text of pending legislation with search capabilities for pending laws.

    The US Bureau of Labor Statistics - The latest US labor research available regionally and nationally, along with other economic research and publications.

    The US Business Advisor - This is the site for business advice.

    The US Department of Commerce - Includes a calendar of events, general information, and information from the Secretary.

    The US Department of Labor - Tap into a national job bank and learn more about the Deapartment of Labor agencies in this award-winning site.

    The US Postal Service - The home of the US Postal Service has lookup table for ZIP+4, postal rates and many more useful items.

    The White House - A must see to believe site.

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Global Economics


Organizations and Societies

Regional Government


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