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You may find the following information on the Affordable Care Act useful:

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Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tax Provisions

How health coverage affects your 2214 federal income tax return

Health Care Law. What is new for Individuals and Families

Three tips about marketplace coverage and your taxes

No health coverage. What that means for your taxes

Downloadable Guides

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Children & Money - Schools teach children some financial lessons, but if you want your kids to pick up good money skills and become financially responsible adults, you should give them some training yourself.


Tax Guide For The Self-Employed - To meet certain tax law requirements and capitalize on tax-cutting opportunities, self-employed individuals need to be aware of certain provisions in the tax law that apply to them.


Tax Guide For Home Sales - The tax law allows the majority of taxpayers who sell their homes to enjoy 100% tax-free profit from the sale.


Tax Guide - A Deduction Check List - Don't overlook tax deductions. Finding every tax deduction for which you qualify is like finding money.


Tax Guide For Rental Real Estate - Is rental property a tax-wise investment? Investing in rental real estate has long been considered a smart way to build equity in an appreciating asset while enjoying significant tax benefits. However, with every new piece of tax legislation, Congress seems to whittle away at the tax breaks for real estate investors. Today, tax breaks alone no longer justify an investment in real estate.


Tax Guide To Lower Your Taxes - Tax law changes so frequently that you must be concerned with tax planning year-round or you'll miss opportunities to lower your tax bill. Here are just a few steps you should consider to take advantage of some of the newer tax breaks.


Education Tax Breaks - Choosing The Best Option For You - Education tax breaks are plentiful, but finding what's best for you takes patience and planning. A hard look at the education tax breaks now available reveals a complicated maze. Among the breaks are the Hope and lifetime learning tax credits, a deduction for interest one education loans, education IRAs, Roth IRAs, and penalty-free withdrawals from regular IRAs.


Irs Audits - What Every Taxpayer Should Know. Mention "IRS audit" and most people envision a steely-eyed agent in a stuffy room questioning everything on their return. In reality, there are five types of audits.


20 TaxTips For Individuals - One of the largest expenses you have is the income tax you pay. A willingness to pay your fair share is a healthy attitude, but if you continually pay more than your required share, you diminish your ability to build your wealth to accomplish important financial goals. The only effective way to cut your taxes is to do regular tax planning. Always consider the tax consequences of any transaction before the fact; seek professional assistance any time dollar amounts are material.


22 Tax Tips For Physicians & Dentists - Among the busiest of professionals, physicians and dentists have little time to learn about the latest tax law. Tax planning is neglected in the crush of other obligations. Yet making hasty year-end decisions in an attempt to reduce taxes is a very poor substitute for year-round tax planning. Review these tax tips; then contact us for assistance in identifying and implementing the best tax-cutting strategies for you.


24 Tax Tips For Businesspeople - The major objective for most people in business is to maximize the return from the business venture. Cutting your taxes will help you achieve that goal. Review these tax tips; then contact us for assistance in identifying and implementing the best strategies for you.


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