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Financial & Investment Review

We will act as your Financial Advisor and sounding board. DeHoff & DeHoff, PC can review your investments and ideas and suggest the best structure to maximize the growth of your investment/retirement portfolio. As a CPA, we can also analyze the tax effects of various investment options.

Starting an investment program does not take a lot of money. In some cases you can start with as little as $25 to $50 per month into a quality mutual fund. The key to building an investment or retirement portfolio is to start early in life and invest consistently!

We can also analyze your life insurance needs. Various forms of insurance are available from well-known and respected companies., This includes low-cost term insurance, whole life, universal life, and variable universal life.

Please call or e-mail to receive a FREE copy of our investment information brochure.

Financial Services

Here are some downloadable finacial planning guides.
Balancing the Needs of Children, Parents and Yourself
Developing a Money-Smart Retirement Plan
Strategies for Wealth Management

Health Savings Account
2015 HSA Contribution Limits, Deductibles, and Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Here are some easy-to-use calculators.
Do you know how much you need to set aside to fund a college education for your child?

How much must you save each month for your retirement?

What will your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) be worth when you get ready to start drawing on it?

You can get rough answers to these and other questions very quickly by using the following calculators and a few estimates on your part. If we can be of help or answer questions for you, please call us.

In order to help you, a number of calculators have been made available to you. To access the calculators, pleae click on the image below. Please note that clicking the image will open another browser window from PlanningTips.com.


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